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Young Doctor


Young Doctor



Young Doctor


Young Doctor



Young Doctor


Young Doctor

Reynard enjoyed his young doctors psychology rotation so much, he decided he wants to be a psychologist. He has not decided where he wants to go to college.



Young Doctor

Caleb believes he will be a computer scientist but joined young doctors because he likes science and thinks a career in medicine may be a possibility.


Young Doctor

Henley joined young doctors because his older brother told him about it. He says he loves young doctors and his favorite part of the program is the surgery rotation during the summer.



Young Doctor

Adrian heard about young doctors dc after Dr Woodland came to his school to tLk about the program. He decided to join immediately. After participating in the summer psychology rotation, Adrian has decided he wants to be a psychologist.


Young Doctor

Sean wants to be a computer scientist.

He is currently featured on in his online school newspaper (FNN) at Friendship Prep Tech Academy for his article, Young Doctors DC Experience New Orleans, in which he outlines his experience as part of YDDC and at the LSU symposium in New Orleans.



Young Doctor

Jordan is a senior and is deciding between Xavier and FAMU. He plans to study pharmacy.


Young Doctor

A challenge I would like to address in the African American community within DC is that of providing healthcare facilities and opportunities because a lot of people are not finding and getting the healthcare checkups they need and/or are not receiving the assistance they need when they are in an emergency situation.Checkups like these include blood pressure tests, blood sugar tests, etc.


Young Doctor

The young doctors program has truly opened many doors for me and has given me countless experiences to relish. The program is simply eye-opening and has had a huge impact on the community.


His thoughts on Community Health

I think I would go to Lamond Riggs recreation center because it is heavily populated. I would target black males and I would want to solve HIV/AIDS because it affects people in the black community most.


His thoughts on Community Health

A problem I’d want to solve is homelessness.
I’d want to solve it because there are a lot of people who don’t have homes but have done nothing wrong.
By giving them shelter it could improve their health.

Something I am grateful for learning in this program is how to take blood pressure. I am not a doctor YET, but learning how to take it has allowed me to help others in my community by taking their blood pressure and letting them know if its healthy or not.


His thoughts on Community Health

I really like the fact that I'm able to witness surgeries as part of the Young Doctors Program. It really gives me a great perspective on what surgeons go through. This process is of particular importance and the advice they pass on to me gives me valuable information and motivation to continue learning more in the field.


His thoughts on Community Health

Regarding the health problems in his neighborhood, Tsega commented, “How I could reach my community would be to raise awareness at my local recreation center and my neighborhood schools…"
"The demographic would be blacks and Hispanics and their problems are high blood pressure, kidney stones, and gull stones, which all can be solved through awareness. They are all very common and can be painful in some cases.”


His thoughts on Community Health

Darius commented that cancer is the biggest health problem impacting his community.
He explained “I would find a cure for cancer because many people die from cancer everyday.
I would do this by getting rich and donating millions of dollars to a cancer research project.

I think Young Doctors is a great program—it is very interactive and hands-on. This program has taught me a lot about the medical field and has opened my eyes to the many possibilities within the field. I have very high hopes for the program and see us going very far!"


His thoughts on Community Health

Since I joined the Young Doctors Program this past summer, two key things I learned were the existence of biases in medicine, and the ways in which to prevent the causes of health issues within the community.


In my own community, I would want to improve on having a healthier environment—for example, more produce and less junk food in black communities and more hospitals which would benefit those who struggle through not having health insurance.


This program has benefited me because I have met people who have brilliant minds who have given me motivating advice that would benefit me in the future.


His thoughts on Community Health

I like the Young Doctors Program because it shows me the ways of being a college student .I also like that I can shadow physicians in the ER because it shows me how they move quickly to help people. I also especially like the morning lectures.



His thoughts on Community Health

"To prevent obesity and diabetes in the African American community we have to convince the people to stop eating carry out and other fatty foods and take action and come together and say that we can eat healthy too;
The way we can contribute is by talking to the community and telling the people the risk factors of the foods that carry out serve;
After that we get the carry outs to leave by not eating there. When they leave we demand the building of organic markets for the people - the community can come together to make change.


His thoughts on Community Health

My first day at the hospital I was shadowing a doctor. It went very well. I was walked through a very detailed tour and special one-on-one talks with a lot of positions throughout the hospital. I was assigned to Medstar stroke clinic, which was lead by a phd, named Richard T. Benson.

I was excited to learn and see more things about strokes. For example, I saw how to put together the surgery plate to protect your head and keep the plate clean throughout the process. Also, while at the clinic Dr. Benson client’s faces were very happy after their appointment. It was very good visit and would love to visit again


His thoughts on Community Health

Obesity and diabetes effect the African American community because most kids and adults are either obese or have diabetes, they can start to have heart problems or start to have seizures;

These type of things affect the community because they are life threatening diseases. I recommend some things that the patients could try would be to watch what they eat and what they do on a daily basis;


For instance having a big meal with lots of grease you should go for a jog or go to the gym and burn some calories.


His thoughts on Community Health

I found that Ward 7 almost has double the amount of heart disease as Ward 8; Most of the differences can be due to high sugar foods, salt, and no exercise; I suggest that we stop eating high fat foods, open a health food store, and make some gyms. 

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